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Badminton Hall

Jun. 14, 2019

Jiangxi Ruichang Heshi Sports International Badminton Academy (hereinafter referred to as "College"), and the college has become a well-known and influential badminton industry base in the world. The college is located on the north side of the sixth middle school of Datang New District, Ruichang City, covering an area of about 17,500 square meters. In order to create a professional badminton training base, build a humanized training venue and living facilities as a design concept, it is proposed to build a standardized badminton training complex, which will be used as a teaching and training venue for the college and a training base for the Jiangxi badminton team. Accommodation, dining, bathing, strength training and other supporting facilities for faculty, staff and athletes. The college intends to hire well-known domestic experts and coaches to serve as dean and head coach.

Badminton Hall

Badminton Hall

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