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What Are the Advantages of Lightweight Steel Structures?

Jul. 19, 2019

Light steel structure is a kind of steel structure, usually made of light H-shaped steel for portal steel frame support, C-type and Z-type cold-formed thin-walled steel for purlin and wall beam, profiled steel plate or lightweight sandwich panel for roofing , wall envelope structure, and then link these parts with bolts and other connectors. So how good is the light steel structure? Prefabricated Steel Building Factory tells you:

Light Steel Structure Building

1. It has good seismic performance and can be built in earthquake-prone areas.

2. It has a long life and can be recycled.

3. Has a good sound insulation effect, and the insulation effect is also good.

4. Construction is very fast and can be used no matter what season or region.

5. Light Steel Structure Building has very comfortable living conditions, whether it is ventilation or heat dissipation, or insulation, it is very good.

The lightweight steel structure of Jiujiang City Modern Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. has very high energy-saving standards and is widely used in factories, commercial buildings, residential areas, and the like.