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Advantages of steel structure plant

May. 22, 2019

Steel structure plant mainly refers to the main bearing members by steel. Including steel column, steel beam, steel structure foundation. Steel roof frame (the span of the workshop is relatively large, and it is basically a steel structure frame), steel roof, and the steel structure wall can also be maintained by brick wall. Due to the increase of steel output in China, many steel structure plants have been adopted, including light and heavy steel structure plants. Industrial and civil construction facilities made of steel are called steel structures.

Advantages of steel structure workshop:

1. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, office buildings, gymnasiums, hangars and so on.It is suitable for single-storey long-span buildings as well as multi-storey or high-rise buildings.

2. The construction is simple and the construction period is short. All the components are prefabricated in the factory, and only simple assembly is needed on site, which greatly shortens the construction period.

3. Durable and easy to repair, the general-purpose computer designed steel structure can withstand severe weather and requires only simple maintenance.

4. Beautiful and practical, the steel structure building lines are simple and smooth, with a modern sense, color wall body plate has a variety of colors to choose, the wall can also use other materials, with flexibility.

5. Reasonable cost, light weight of steel structure building, reduced foundation cost, fast construction speed, can be completed and put into production as soon as possible, comprehensive economic benefits are much better than concrete structure building.

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