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Advantages of Steel Structure addition

Nov. 26, 2019

As a Steel Structure Engineering Contractor, I have some information about steel structure to share with you. China's steel structure has a base of industries, technologies and talents going overseas, has accumulated rich experience in construction technology and technology, and has a group of high-level professional and technical personnel and management personnel. At the same time, China Light Gauge Steel Structure has also accumulated certain overseas market development experience, and the overseas market has expanded from Southeast Asia to Europe and the United States. A group of leading enterprises have made preparations in terms of technology, talents and layout, carried out foreign certification and licensing work, and established overseas business units and foreign branches. However, the international market share of China's steel structure is not high, which is not commensurate with the status of China's steel structure manufacturing power.

China's steel structure industry should continue to make progress in four areas: improving enterprise management, strengthening technological innovation in enterprises, promoting the internationalization of Chinese engineering construction standards, and strengthening the government's policy orientation to gradually make domestic steel structures overseas. "A few days ago, at the National Annual Conference on Steel Structures, the Chinese Academy of Engineering members expounded their views on the opportunities and challenges of domestic steel structures going overseas.

Steel structure building and layering skills are a new type of Hengyu reinforcement and reform situation gradually promoted in the present. It has significant advantages over concrete structures in terms of skills, economy and security, but it is not very common in international use today. And the design is not perfect.

The status quo of the research on the addition of floors in the structure of Yansteel started the reconstruction of existing buildings in China earlier. In order to adapt to the rapid development of building structural reinforcement, transformation and steel structure additions, and to better complete the addition and reconstruction of old buildings, China has set up academic groups such as the Technical Research Committee for Housing Addition and Reconstruction and the Technical Committee for Reinforcement , Forming an active academic discussion and experience exchange environment for steel structure addition and reconstruction projects.

Large Steel Structure Workshop Construction

Large Steel Structure Workshop Construction

It should be used in buildings with a large number of layers or unsuitable for adding layers directly to the original structure. Generally, this layer-adding transformation technology is also called the outer-layer layering structure. The coat frame plus layer structure is mainly divided into large categories, which are separated and integrated. The former jacket frame is completely disconnected from the old house; the latter means that the jacket frame is integrated with the old house structure.

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