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The advantages of Steel Structure construction are unique

Oct. 09, 2019

  The rapid development of steel structure in China has only been for nearly 20 years, but it has achieved extraordinary achievements. The ultra-high buildings of more than 100 meters are almost all steel structures. The museums, exhibition halls, cultural centers, stadiums and TV towers of all provinces and cities are almost all. It is a steel structure, which shows that governments at all levels have a basic understanding of steel structure.

  In recent years, there have been many strong earthquakes around the world. The reason why the earthquake in Japan this year was less than the number of deaths in the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 was because of the high popularity of Japanese steel structures and high seismic standards. Unfortunately, in the post-earthquake reconstruction of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, there were not many steel structures. On the one hand, the cost of steel structure construction is indeed higher. On the other hand, steel-concrete buildings can be taken locally and solve certain labor employment. problem. However, if it is considered in the long run, the state should do more work and use post-disaster reconstruction to promote the popularization of High-Rise Buildings Steel Structure in earthquake-prone areas.

Steel Structure Construction

Custom Steel Structure Building Homes

  The state should pay enough attention to this, one is to solve the problem of how to use 600 million tons of steel, and the other is whether the builders of Custom Steel Structure Building Homes use steel houses themselves. This requires the media to strengthen publicity and create a welcoming atmosphere. As for the steel structure housing, the problem of "no sound insulation, jitter on the floor", etc. can be solved by optimizing the design. Many steel structures are not visible at a glance. Compared with the traditional Qin brick Hanwa, the steel structure is replaced by some building materials.

  The reason for the small scale of China Modern Steel Structure Manufacturers are that China does not have a popular steel structure. From the perspective of scientific research, the overall design and supporting facilities of existing steel structure houses still have some defects. Selling a house now is based on floor space, which is also a flaw. In this regard, we should learn from Hong Kong and sell by area, which will force developers to consider the cost of construction. In the same building, the concrete structure occupies a much larger section than the steel structure, reducing the use area. In addition, the soil in the coastal areas is relatively loose, and it is also suitable for the promotion of lighter weight steel structures. The steel structure is better considering the combined costs and national interests. The upgrade of the construction industry, the steel structure is the grip.

  In the context of energy conservation and emission reduction, the wave of upgrading in the construction industry has arrived. Tall buildings support the city's “squats” – cities can only be strong and bloody if they fundamentally transform these “skeleton” buildings and overcome the “urban diseases” of traditional buildings with high energy and high pollution. The “Program” conveys a strong signal that China uses energy conservation and emission reduction as a powerful weapon to promote environmental pollution and inefficient waste, and promotes energy conservation and emission reduction with “iron regulations” and “iron regulations”. Tekken “ensures to achieve” the 12th Five-Year Plan for energy conservation and emission reduction. In this case, green buildings such as steel structures should be industrially transformed into “shunning” to achieve benign and rapid development.

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