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What is the Anti-corrosion Method of Light Steel Structure Building?

Sep. 10, 2019

Light Steel Structure Building is one of the most widely used assembly buildings in recent years. The demand for Light Steel Structure Building is increasing. Many merchants are adopting different anti-corrosion methods in order to protect the life of steel structures. Today, Fabrication Steel Structures Factory tells you about the anti-corrosion method for steel structures.

1. Surface cleaning of steel structures

The surface of the steel structure is cleaned so that there is no residual dirt, dust, etc. on the surface of the steel structure, and the surface is completely cleaned.

2. Surface treatment and verification of steel structures

All Light Steel Structure Building anti-corrosion treatments are required to meet national standards. After the surface is processed, the processing results are checked and the standards are met before the next work can be carried out.

Light Steel Structure Building

Light Steel Structure Building

3. Choose a reasonable anti-corrosion construction plan

Different steel structures use different environments, and anti-corrosion methods are different. Therefore, various factors should be fully considered when selecting the anti-corrosion method.

4. Spraying construction of anticorrosive paint for steel structure

When the surface treatment of the steel structure is sufficient, it is necessary to carry out the spraying work of the anticorrosive primer.

5. Reasonable storage of Customized Structural Steel

After the steel structure anti-corrosion process, it should be placed according to the requirements to reduce damage.

The above-mentioned Customized Structural Steel anti-corrosion method, which wants the steel structure to last longer, is necessary and standard.