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How does Custom Steel Structures Workshop prevent corrosion?

Dec. 03, 2019

Custom Steel Structures Workshop mainly refers to the main load-bearing components made of steel, including steel pillars, steel beams, steel structural foundations, steel roof trusses, and steel roofs. It was found that the corrosion of steel structure in the workshop refers to the presence of corrosive gas, moisture or medium in the workshop, the physical and chemical interaction between the metal and the environment, and the oxidation of oxygen and water molecules in the steel material and air. Oxidation corrosion the phenomenon, thereby weakening the bearing capacity and service life of steel structural members, causing changes in metal properties, resulting in damage to the metal, the environment and it's constituent systems, so as to bring harmfully effects to production and good performance Anti-corrosion coating can make the steel structure of the workshop anti-corrosion for more than 20 years.

Custom Steel Structures Workshop

Custom Steel Structures Workshop

The corrosion of steel structures in the environment is unavoidable, especially rust. Under the action of aggressive media, steel will cause corrosion. There are three types of aggressive media: acid corrosion, alkali corrosion and salt corrosion. According to its morphology, there are two major types of liquid phase corrosion and vapor phase corrosion. In addition, atmospheric humidity and rain, atmospheric dust, temperature effects, and contact between steel and other metals will cause corrosion of steel. The above can effectively prevent uniform corrosion, uneven corrosion, spot (pit) corrosion, stress corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement and other metal corrosion phenomena in the steel frame structure of the workshop, and completely solve the stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement of the steel frame structure in the workshop. In the case of deformation, a brittle fracture suddenly occurs to avoid danger and ensure the safety of industrial production.

Due to the increase of steel output in China, more and more enterprises have begun to use design steel structure to design steel structure workshops. Custom Steel Structure Building Workshop is divided into light steel structure workshops and heavy steel structure factories. It includes steel pillars, steel beams, and steel structure foundations. It is different from traditional brick factory buildings and has the following characteristics:

1. The steel used in the steel structure workshop has good plasticity, and the structure will not suddenly break due to accidental or partial overload under normal circumstances. The toughness of steel makes the structure adaptable to dynamic loads;

2. The steel used in the steel structure workshop has high strength, light structure weight, large span of the manufacturing workshop, and can be made into a large span structure;

3. The steel materials used in the steel structure workshop are of uniform material and high structural reliability;

4. The high degree of industrialization in the production and installation of steel structures The production of steel structures is mainly carried out in specialized metal structure factories, so the production is simple and the accuracy is high. The finished components are delivered to the site for installation, with a high degree of assembly, fast installation speed and short construction period;

5.The steel of the steel structure workshop has weldability, which greatly simplifies the connection of steel structures and is suitable for manufacturing various complex shapes.

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