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What is included in the Customized Structural Steel construction?

Nov. 11, 2019

1. It is necessary to do a good job in the inspection and selection of the Steel Structure Engineering production and installation units. We know that the construction of steel structure engineering must go through two stages of factory production and on-site installation. These two stages can be completed by one construction unit, but sometimes It may be done by two units (subcontracting). It is of great significance to ensure the inspection and selection of steel structure production units and installation units to ensure the quality and progress of steel structure engineering. The inspection contents of steel structure production and installation units mainly include enterprise qualification, production scale, number of technicians, titles, and resumes, number of skilled workers and qualifications, mechanical equipment, and performance level.

2. Strictly review the steel structure manufacturing process and installation and construction organization design submitted by the contractor. The construction organization design is an important comprehensive technical document prepared by the contractor to guide the whole process of the construction process. A careful review of the construction organization design is pre-construction work. Important content of control and active control. The steel structure project shall separately prepare the production process and the installation and construction organization design for the production stage and the installation stage. The production process content shall include the quality standards and technical requirements of each process and each sub-item in the production stage, and the various materials formulated to ensure the product quality. Specific measures, such as processing methods for key parts, the process flow of main components, process measures, processing equipment, process equipment, etc.

3. Pay full attention to the supervision work in the production stage. As mentioned above, the steel structure engineering must go through two stages of factory production and on-site installation, and the production and installation are generally made by two basic units under the Steel Structure Engineering Contractor. The workshop and the installation project department are responsible for each, and sometimes they may be completed separately by the manufacturer and the installation company (subcontracting). Supervising engineers should pay full attention to the supervision work in the production stage. Just like the supervision work of other types of projects, we must do a good job of pre-existing control and in-process control. We must check all processes and sub-items carefully, promptly and strictly. It is necessary to avoid the wrong working method of relaxing the factory production process and relying only on the completion of the acceptance of the components. This is especially important when the production unit is far away from the location of the project.

Custom Steel Structures Workshop

Custom Steel Structures Workshop

4. Supervision during the installation phase, the supervision work of the steel structure installation stage is mainly to supervise the operation of the internal management system and quality assurance system of the contractor, supervise and implement the various technical and organizational measures for the construction organization design, and strictly follow the current national steel structure. Standards and standards for construction. The supervision work of the steel structure installation stage should focus on the following aspects: rationality and implementation of the installation plan, installation and measurement, the connection of high-strength bolts, installation welding quality, the actual measurement of installation dimensional deviation, painting and so on. The supervision work should strengthen on-site inspection, parallel inspection and side station supervision, especially in the case that the quality of some steel structure construction units is currently low and the construction is still under standard, the site inspection and side stations are effectively done to ensure the steel structure engineering. The construction quality is more realistic. Our company has Custom Steel Structures Workshop for sale, welcome to come to us.

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