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How to Design Steel Structure Engineering?

Aug. 15, 2019

Before carrying out the steel structure project, the most important thing is to design the plan according to the site and customer requirements. Many people who don't understand have only one feeling, that is, they are very advanced, but they don't know what the specific design is. Today, Fabrication Metal Light Steel Structure Supplier will tell you about the design of steel structure engineering.

1. Overall layout + structure selection

Including the layout of the network, to determine the size of the frame and the frame type, the overall plan should be coordinated with the region, materials, buildings, designers and other aspects.

2. Technical design

After Light Steel Building Solutions determines that the portal must perform load calculations, then analyze the dimensions of the various builds and the connections between the components.

Steel Structure Building Prefabricated

Steel Structure Building Prefabricated

3. Construction drawing

Design drawings for construction according to the determined component dimensions and connections, material supply, installation procedures, etc.

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