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Do you know how to connect Steel Structure?

Jan. 07, 2020

Steel structure engineering involves a wide range and is technically difficult. In the promotion and application, national and industry standards must be followed. The local administrative departments of construction should attach importance to the construction of the steel structure engineering specialization stage, organize the training of the quality inspection team, and summarize the work practices and new technology applications in a timely manner. Colleges, design departments and construction enterprises should accelerate the training of steel structure engineering and technical personnel. Mass academic groups should cooperate with the development of steel structure technology, conduct extensive academic exchanges and training activities at home and abroad, and actively improve the overall level of Light Steel Structure Warehouse design, production, construction and installation technology in the near future.

As a Fabricated Steel Structure Manufacturers, share with you how to connect steel structures.

There are three types of connection methods for steel structures: welding seam connection, bolt connection and rivet connection.

Prefabricated Light Steel Structure Warehouse China

Prefabricated Light Steel Structure Warehouse China

(1) Weld connection

The welding seam connection is to locally melt the welding rod and the welding piece by the heat generated by the arc, and condense to form a welding seam, thereby connecting the welding piece into one body.

Advantages: Does not weaken the section of the component, saves steel, simple structure, convenient manufacturing, large connection rigidity, good sealing performance, easy to adopt automated operation under certain conditions, and high production efficiency.

Disadvantages: The heat-affected zone formed by the steel near the weld due to the high temperature of welding may be that some parts of the material become brittle; the steel is subjected to unevenly distributed high temperature and cooling during the welding process, which causes the structure to have residual welding stress and residual deformation. The bearing capacity, stiffness and serviceability have a certain effect; due to the large stiffness of the welded structure, local cracks can easily spread to the whole as soon as they occur, especially brittle fracture at low temperatures; the plasticity and toughness of the weld connection are poor. Defects may occur, reducing fatigue strength.

(2) Bolt connection

Bolt connection is to connect the connecting parts into one body through fasteners such as bolts. There are two types of bolted connections: ordinary bolted connections and high-strength bolted connections.

Advantages: simple construction process and convenient installation, especially suitable for site installation and connection, as well as easy disassembly, suitable for installation and disassembly structure and temporary connection.

Disadvantages: Holes need to be opened and assembled during assembly, which increases manufacturing workload and requires high manufacturing accuracy; bolt holes also weaken the section of the component, and the connected parts often need to overlap or add auxiliary connections. Plate (or angle steel), so the structure is more complicated and expensive.

(3) Rivet connection

The rivet connection is a rivet with a semi-circular preformed nail head at the end. After the nail rod is red, it is quickly inserted into the nail hole of the connector, and then the other end is riveted into a nail head with a rivet gun to make the connection tight. solid.

Advantages: The riveting force is reliable, the plasticity and toughness are good, the quality is easy to check and guarantee, and it can be used for heavy and directly bearing dynamic load structures.

Disadvantages: The riveting process is complicated, labor and materials are expensive, and the labor intensity is high, so it has been basically replaced by welding and high-strength bolting.

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