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Do you Know the Precautions for Steel Structure Design?

Jun. 19, 2020

China Modern Steel Structure Manufacturers will explain to you the precautions in steel structure design! Today I will summarize them to 5 points and introduce them to you.

1. Don't blindly model and calculate when you get the job map. First conduct a comprehensive analysis and communicate with the architectural designers to fully understand the various conditions of the project (functions, selection, etc.).

2. The pre-processing before modeling calculation should be done well. For example, the calculation of load is accurate and cannot be estimated. Enter it completely according to construction practices or usage requirements.

3. When modeling the structure, we must understand the meaning of each parameter, do not modify the parameters blindly, and have a basis for the modification.

4. In the calculation, we must fully consider the economy under the technical conditions. It is not possible to increase the amount of reinforcement or increase the cross-section of the member at will. This should be regarded as one of our design concepts.

5. A large number of adjustments and modifications are required after the calculation of beams, columns, plates, etc., which should be based on evidence (according to data such as checkout sketches). Specifically, there are the following centralized modifications or precautions

Large Steel Structure Workshop Construction

Large Steel Structure Workshop Construction

A. Liang:

1. The elevation of the beam (whether the elevation of the bottom of the beam and the upturning of the beam are determined)

2. The bearing of the beam must not be too sparse and should be artificially encrypted.

3. The number of beams should be checked.

4. Minimize the type and level difference of steel bars (≤2 level)

5. Beams at the cantilevered components such as awnings should be strengthened (measures such as stirrup reinforcement and torsional reinforcement can be installed here)

6. The placement of rebar in the beam must meet the clear distance requirements, especially the clear distance of the upper part of the beam (≥1.5d or 30mm)

7. At the cross-shaped beam (with primary and secondary relationship) that meets the calculation result, the primary and secondary relationship should be distinguished, and the support ribs should be marked at the main beam support.

8. The connecting beams placed on the side beam should not be too large and should be reduced at the side beams, so as to reduce the torque on the side beam

9. There is a relationship between the primary and secondary beams, and there is also a difference from the beam cross-section. The secondary beams are properly placed small.


1. Meet the requirements of axial compression ratio (≤0.9)

2. For large-span factory buildings, rectangular cross-sections should be used for the cross-section of the columns.

3. Installation of structural columns

C. Board:

1. Negative ribs should not be used with too thin steel bars. They can be replaced with larger diameter steel bars to avoid being stepped on during construction; larger

Diameter steel bars should not be over-sparse, otherwise they will be weak or crack easily.

2. In the structural plan, the elevation and plate section must be indicated.

3. The reinforcement of the roof panel must be pulled through.

4. The reinforcement of the slab should be clearly expressed, and construction personnel should not be allowed to guess.

5. In the structural plan, indicate the position and size of the canopy, balcony, cornice, etc., and draw a large sample.

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