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Do you know Some Problems in Steel Structure Design?

Jun. 05, 2020

As a China Modern Steel Structure Manufacturers, share with you.

Industrial Building Steel Structure

Industrial Building Steel Structure

1. The column structure and size of the frame structure are reasonable?


(1) The layout of the column grid should be regular, generally orthogonal axis grid. (2) For structural economic reasons only, those with low intensity (6 degrees, 7 degrees) and low wind pressure (less than 0.4) should use large column grids (about 9 meters); high intensity areas (8 degrees and above) Those who use small and medium-sized column nets (about 4 to 6 meters) should be used.

(3) Under normal circumstances, the size of the column net does not exceed 12 meters; when it exceeds 12 meters, the steel structure may be considered. (4) The single-span frame should not be used for the multi-layer frame structure of ordinary building functions except for individual parts. The single-span frame should not be used for Class B fortification buildings such as schools and hospitals and high-rise buildings.

2. Is the reasonable size of the frame column section determined?

Interpretation: (1) The section of the column of the frame structure is usually controlled by the limit value of the axial compression ratio. In general, it is more appropriate for the column to calculate the axial compression ratio = the axial compression ratio specification limit -0.1. (2) The cross-sectional shape of the column is generally rectangular (the aspect ratio generally does not exceed 1.5), and the long side of the column cross-section is parallel to the short side of the structure plane.

(3) When the number of layers is 10, the size of the square column is 700~1000mm; when the number of layers is 500~800, the large column net takes the large value, and the small column net takes the small value.

3. Reasonable choice of frame structure materials?

Explanation: (1) Concrete: The concrete strength grades of multi-layer frame columns can be C25 and C30, and the concrete strength grades of high-rise frame columns can be C35 and C40. The strength grade of beam concrete can be C25 and C30.

(2) Reinforcement: HRB400 is generally used for beam, plate and column reinforcement, and HRB500 can be used for beam longitudinal reinforcement.

4. Reasonable choice of frame structure floor form?

Explanation: The frame structure floor can be in the form of unidirectional primary and secondary beams, cross beams and cross beams. From the perspective of reasonable structure, the arrangement of secondary beams should be such that the one-way slab span is about 3.0 meters, and the two-way slab span is about 4.0 meters; from the perspective of architectural functions, in general, schools and shopping malls generally use cross beams and cross beams. More; office buildings, clubs, hospitals generally use more primary and secondary beams.

5. Is the reasonable size of the beam section determined?

Explanation: (1) Under normal load, the section height of the frame beam can be estimated by L/13, the section height of the unidirectional secondary beam can be estimated by L/15, and the section height of the bidirectional cross beam can be estimated by L/18.

(2) The final beam section size is determined according to the calculation results. Under normal circumstances, it should be ensured that the reinforcement ratio of most beam supports is 1.2% to 1.6%, not more than 2.0%, and the reinforcement ratio of the mid-span is 0.8% to 1.2%.

(3) The height of the frame beam is generally 600~800mm, and the width is generally 250~350mm; the height of the secondary beam section is 500~600mm, and the width is generally 200~250mm.

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