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Lifting of steel structure

May. 31, 2019

Steel structure building in recent years in our country has been vigorous development, reflects the steel structure in the construction of comprehensive benefits, from the general to the top and super-tall steel structure development structure, large-span space steel structure, net shell, network frame, truss, cable, etc., the tension membrane structure, XIANDAISTEEL started from light steel structure, has been to the top and large span space system development.

Qualified steel structure engineering quality, in addition to materials, production of high precision, depends on the reasonable installation process, the steel structure installation methods mainly include: mechanical installation, the installation method, the soil machine installed in combination with installation, jack-up, promotion, slip three types of installation, steel structure, from the material procurement, production, installation to the finished product to the different structure has different requirements, in terms of installation method, according to the engineering quality, production safety, ensure the construction period, low cost, civilized construction factors combined with the characteristics of different engineering design best installation process and assembly method.

The main components installed in the steel structure of this project are steel column, roof beam, crane beam and support rod, column support, horizontal support, purlin, wall beam, etc.