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How is the Light Steel Structure and the Heavy Steel Structure Divided?

Jun. 12, 2020

People often talk about light steel structures and heavy steel structures, so are there any specific definitions for light steel structures and heavy steel structures? Today, China Modern Steel Structure Manufacturers takes everyone to discuss!

Steel Structures For Grand Stands

Steel Structures For Grand Stands

What is heavy steel structure

1. Lifting weight of workshop: ≥25 tons. 2. Steel consumption per square meter: ≥50KG/M2. Such as: petrochemical plant facilities, power plant buildings, large-span stadiums, exhibition centers, high-rise or super high-rise steel structures.

What is a light steel structure?

Thickness of main steel plate of light steel structure: ≥10MM. Light steel is also a relatively ambiguous term, and can generally be understood in two ways. One is a light-weight steel structure made of round steel and angle steel smaller than L45×4 and L56×36×4. It is mainly used for small structures that are not suitable for use in reinforced concrete structures when the steel is lacking. Adopted, so this time the steel structure design code revision has basically tended to be removed. The other is a single-layer solid web portal rigid frame structure with a light roof and a light exterior wall. The light type here mainly refers to the use of lightweight materials for the enclosure. Since the former one is about to be canceled, the current meaning of light steel mainly refers to the latter one. In addition, there are some reference values: such as cost per square meter, maximum component weight, maximum span, structural form, eaves height, etc. These can provide empirical data when judging whether the plant is heavy steel or light steel. Of course, many buildings are now Both light and heavy steel. National standards and technical documents do not mention heavy steel. To distinguish the steel structure of light houses, it may be more appropriate to call the general steel structure "General Steel". Because the scope of ordinary steel structure is very wide, it can contain various steel structures, regardless of the load size, and even includes many contents of light-weight steel structure. The technical regulations for light-weight steel structure of housing only stipulate some more specific ones for its "light" characteristics Content, and the scope is limited to single-layer portal frame. It can be seen that the difference between light steel and heavy steel is not the weight of the structure itself, but the weight of the envelope material it bears, but the structural design concept is consistent. Steel structure is a more common structural form in modern construction engineering one. my country was the first country to manufacture load-bearing structures with iron. As far back as Qin Shihuang, iron has been used as a simple load-bearing structure. Western countries began to use metal load-bearing structures in the 17th century. It was not until the end of the 19th century that my country began to adopt modern steel structures. After the founding of new China, the application of steel structure has been greatly developed, both in quantity and quality, far exceeding the past.

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