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Introduction to the maintenance and care of Light Steel Structure Industrial Plants

Oct. 30, 2019

  Industrial production plants all over the country are in full swing, and Light Steel Structure Industrial Plants has a beautiful appearance, diverse building shapes, bright colors, a high degree of factory production of steel components, low cost, short construction period, and simple installation and construction. The layout is flexible, the steel has the advantages of a lightweight, convenient material design, and recyclability, so that the steel structure is widely used in modern industrial plants. At the same time, how to maintain the steel structure plant in the later period is also very important. As a Light Gauge Steel Framing Prefabricated Factory, the following methods of maintenance and maintenance of the steel structure workshop is introduced.

Light Steel Structure Industrial Plants

Light Steel Structure Industrial Plants

  Light steel structure industrial plants Maintenance:

  1. The steel structure workshop is the whole connection of the structural parts. With electric lighting equipment, the wires can not be directly tied to the steel components, and the wire tubes or trunkings are installed separately to avoid electric shock.

  2. The steel structural members should be re-maintained once in three years to extend the overall appearance of the steel structure plant and extend the service life.

  3. After the steel structure factory is installed, the owner may not change the structure without authorization, and shall not dismantle any bolt components, and shall not increase or decrease the partition wall. If the change is necessary, it shall be changed after consultation with the steel structure production company.

  Steel structure plant maintenance:

  1. Steel structure workshops must be regularly cleaned and maintained, usually at least once a year for routine inspections to identify potential problems.

  2. If the surface of the metal structure of the steel structure factory is damaged, it should be repaired in time to avoid the sun and rain from corroding the metal surface. If necessary, all the high-elastic nano-materials are used to protect the metal roof panels, and it has an effective heat insulation and waterproofing effect, saving indoor air-conditioning energy.

  3. The cleaning of the external wall of the steel structure factory depends largely on the environment. When cleaning the surface, be careful not to scratch, avoid the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasive products, steel balls, wear-resistant products should not be used, rinse with water from top to bottom.

  4. Branches, leaves and other similar objects should be cleaned up in time.

  How to use a steel structure for roof construction. Roofing construction is very important for the house. So, what is the process of using a steel structure for roof construction? Do you want to pay attention to what, let us study together.

  Steps for the construction of the Single layer Light Steel Structure House:

  1 When laying the glass wool felt, the veneer faces the indoor side, perpendicular to the purlin and about 20 cm of the felt is placed on one of the eaves, and it is fixed on the outermost purlin with a special jig or double-sided tape;

  2 When unwinding, ensure that the lifting and tensioning, laying the glass wool felt on the other side of the eaves, also leaving 20 cm of the felt, and fixing it to the outermost purlin with special clamp or double-sided tape;

  3 The two rolls of cotton are connected together by a stapler on the veneer;

  4 Install the roof color steel plate, remove the clamps on the two sides of the eaves, and use the reserved 20 cm veneer to cover the glass wool;

  5 pay attention to keep the tension and alignment of the glass wool felt, the seam between the roll and the roll is tight, and when the longitudinal direction needs to be overlapped, the joint should be arranged at the purlin;

  6 According to the needs of the project, in order to avoid the generation of cold bridges, it may be considered to put some hard insulation materials on the purlins, such as XPS.

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