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How to Prevent Rust in Steel Structure Factory?

Aug. 23, 2019

The steel structure factory is exposed to the outside all the year-round, and it is windy and rainy. It will rust easily after a long time. Today, Fabrication Steel Structures Factory introduces several rust removal methods for steel structure workshops, which will give you a better understanding of steel structure workshops and how to deal with steel structure workshops when they are rusty.

1. It is possible to use blasting to remove rust. This rust removal method relies on manual operation. The range of rust removal is relatively small, and the roughness is small, and it is also difficult to achieve the friction coefficient requirement. The spray is usually quartz sand.

Fabrication Steel Structures Factory

Fabrication Steel Structures Factory

2. Spray a non-metallic protective layer on the surface of Light Steel Structure Industrial Plants so that the steel can isolate the surface of the plant to achieve rust prevention. It is a relatively easy way to construct, the price is relatively low, but it takes a few years to spray.

3. It is possible to use acid pickling to remove rust, that is, to use acid washing liquid to dissolve rust and dirt on the surface of Custom Structural Steel Warehouse. After rust removal, it should be washed with a large amount of water and then passivated to prevent rust.