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What Are the Reinforcement Methods for Steel Structures?

Sep. 02, 2019

Everyone knows that steel structure construction accounts for a large proportion in our current construction industry because Foshan steel structure has good anti-seismic, wind-proof and anti-corrosion effects. In the same way, in the construction process, it is necessary to strengthen the building, so as to ensure that the steel structure is still intact in extreme weather such as earthquakes and typhoons. Steel Structure Accessories Factory considers common reinforcement methods to be:

Customized Structural Steel

Customized Structural Steel

1. Local reinforcement is performed on a part with poor carrying capacity or poor bearing capacity of the connecting point, which may be an increase of a fulcrum or an increase of a rod.

2. The entire building can also be reinforced to increase or strengthen the support system.

3. Consolidation with load is convenient.

4. Unloading reinforcement can reduce the structural damage of relatively large components to reduce the load, which can limit its movable load.

Customized Structural Steel buildings provide better safety and stability through these reinforcement methods.