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Steel Structure Building fire protection to meet fire protection requirements

Jan. 06, 2020

In the design of any building, important protective measures such as fire prevention must be done. With rapid economic development, China's construction steel structure has been more and more widely promoted and applied since the 1990s. Customized Structural Steel is an important content of large-scale modernized buildings in China. Because of its comprehensive advantages such as lightweight, low foundation cost, suitable for soft foundations, easy installation, fast construction, short cycle time, low construction pollution, and good seismic resistance, steel structures were listed as promotion projects by the former Ministry of Construction.

The senior experts of the China Construction Steel Structure Association believe that the fire prevention of steel structure buildings has always been the focus of the attention of industry experts. China's steel structure fire prevention technology is not advanced in foreign countries. In order to play the role of fire protection and heat insulation, to prevent the steel from heating up quickly in a fire and reduce the strength, to prevent the steel structure from losing its supporting ability and causing the building to collapse. At present, the research, production and promotion of fireproof coatings for steel structures are receiving more and more attention.

It is understood that after more than 20 years of development, China's fire-resistant coatings production enterprises have begun to take shape, and the number of production enterprises has grown to more than 250. Very few quality products. Among many manufacturing enterprises, only more than half have passed the ISO9000 quality system certification. Relevant surveys found that there are several problems with fire-resistant coating products sold in the domestic market: low fire resistance, easy peeling, poor decoration, poor durability, and unstable quality.

Light Steel Structure Industrial Plants

Light Steel Structure Industrial Plants

At present, there are many Steel Structure Engineering Contractors. In order to meet the fire protection requirements, the owner must not use imported fire protection coatings for steel structures. Although the use of imported fire protection coatings can meet the fire protection requirements, the cost price of nearly 70,000 yuan and 1 ton makes the builders miserable. Speak. For fire-resistant coatings, the key lies in reasonable formulations and production processes.

Steel structure is a common type of building structure nowadays, and it is also, a building structure that attracts more and more attention. However, when processing steel structures, we must pay attention to the following points:

First, when operating on rainy days, you must take reliable anti-skid measures (such as wearing non-slip shoes, wearing non-slip gloves, etc.), and pay attention to lightning protection during the thunderstorm season.

Second, the site is equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment and fire extinguishing facilities.

Third, tools and spare parts used by high-altitude operators must be put in their own tool bags.

Fourth, high-altitude workers must wear safety helmets, safety belts, and tool bags.

Fifth, take leakage protection measures for electrical equipment to prevent electric shock.

Sixth, the mobile operating platform should be installed firmly, and a slip prevention cards should be provided.

At all times during the processing of steel structures, ensure their own safety.

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