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Steel Structure Engineering anti-corrosion treatment

Nov. 06, 2019

  Steel Structures For Grand Stands is a steel-based structure consisting mainly of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of steel and steel. The components or components are usually connected by welds, bolts or rivets. It is one of the main types of building structures. Because of its lightweight and simple construction, it is widely used in large factories, bridges, stadiums, super high-rises, and other fields.

Steel Structures For Grand Stands

Steel Structures For Grand Stands

  In the construction of construction projects, the use of steel structure engineering for design can not only make the construction project have a larger span space, but also has the advantages of convenient installation and low cost, so it makes its application in construction engineering. More and wider. With the further development of China's urbanization process, the number of high-rise buildings will increase dramatically, which puts higher requirements on the design of steel structure engineering.

  In recent years, steel structures have become more and more widely used in construction projects, and have achieved very good application results. However, in the actual application process, there is also a problem that the design work of the steel structure engineering is not in place, resulting in insufficient stability of the steel structure, which seriously affects the safety of the user's life and property. In order to ensure the construction of the steel structure engineering of the building with higher quality, it is necessary to carry out the design according to the corresponding specifications and standards when carrying out the design of the steel structure engineering, and do the corresponding design points to provide more users. Safe and reliable Custom Steel Structure Building Homes.

  First, the coating quality does not meet the requirements

  After the steel structure project is painted with anti-corrosion paint, it does not play the role of anti-corrosion protection, resulting in anti-rust, falling, wrinkling and cracking.

  Second, the application of anti-corrosion paint does not meet the requirements

  1. During the construction of the steel structure in the two stages of production and installation, the number of passes and the procedure of painting the primer and topcoat do not meet the anti-corrosion requirements of the steel structure project.

  1.1 The number and thickness of primers and topcoats are not in compliance with the regulations;

  1.2 The number of coatings of the primer and top coat of the steel structure anti-corrosion layer is less than the regulations;

  1.3 The steel structure company's anti-corrosion working time and paint cost for the anti-corrosion coating construction of steel structure engineering are taken at the specified construction thickness of the coating. However, the actual construction often cuts the work and does not meet the requirements. The number of passes and thickness are applied. The number of passes and the thickness are reduced, and the corrosion protection is not achieved.

  2, the steel structure anti-corrosion application of the topcoat does not meet the requirements

  At present, Steel Structure Engineering Contractor has not applied the coating procedure for steel structure anti-corrosion coating. Some manufacturers will apply the primer and topcoat before shipment, and most of the topcoat will be damaged due to lifting and transportation. At the installation site, the topcoat has to be re-finished, the quality of the topcoat is different, the color tone is different from the original paint, and the working hours and paints are wasted; some production units apply the primer to the delivery installation site, but the installation unit will paint the finish. After the components are all fixedly installed, they are applied at high altitude, resulting in poor application of the topcoat, which not only does not have an anti-corrosion effect, is not safe, and wastes a lot of man-hours, materials and engineering costs.

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