Building System


Building System

MainSteelFrameColumnQ235, Q345 Welded H Section Steel
BeamQ235, Q345 Welded H Section Steel
SecondaryFramePurlinQ235 CandZpurlin
Knee braceQ235 AngleSteel
Tie RodQ235 CircularSteelPipe
BraceQ235 RoundBar
Vertical and Horizontal SupportQ235 Angle Steel, Round Bar or Steel Pipe
MaintenancesystemRoofPanelEPS Sandwich Panel / Glass Fiber Sandwich Panel /
Rock Wool Sandwich Panel / Pu Sandwich Panel /Steel Sheet
WallPanelSandwichPanel/ CorrugatedSteelSheet
AccessoriesWindowAluminiumn Alloy Window / PVC Window / Sandwich Panel Window
DoorSlidingSandwichPanelDoor/ RollingMetalDoor / Personal Door
Live load on RoofIn 120kg/Sqm (Color steel panel surrounded)
Wind Resistance Grade12 Grades
Earthquake-resistance8 Grades
Structure UsageUp to 50 years
Finishing OptionsVast array of colors and textures available
Paint OptionsAlkyd paiting, two primary painting, two finish painting
(gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc etc.) Or Galvanized.


1. Do you provide on-site installation service?

1) Only large projects provide installation services

2) General projects, we can provide Installation guide service based on customers' request.

3) Installation supervision charge standard: 150USD/day, customer should responsible for the travel fee, accommodation, translation fee, and ensure staff's health and safety.

2.What's your delivery time? 

Salesman will confirm the time accordingly, large order should communicate with order management department in advance. Normally, delivery time is 45days after receive deposit. Large order delivery time should be arranged separately.

3.How to control the quality of your product?

a. quality of the design: think about possible problems in advance and provide a high-quality design solution.

b. quality of the raw material: choose the qualified raw material

c. quality of the production: precise manufacturing technique, experienced workers, strict quality inspection.

4. How to deal with quality problems?

Warranty is 3 years. Within the warranty period, PTH will responsible for all quality problems caused by production.

5. If there is a clear service life of your products? If have, how long?

Under conventional climate and environment, steel structure whole building 25 years, main structure 20 years, protecting system 10 years. 

6. What designs do you have in different climates (How can the products adopt to different climates)?

Strong wind region:   improve the wind-resisting ability of the internal structure.

Cold region: increase the thickness of the wall, or use good insulation material, improve anti-pressure ability of the structure.

High corrosion region: use corrosion resistant material, or paint anticorrosive coating.


First, call or email Xiandaisteel Steel Structures. We will discuss the use of the proposed building. We then decide on the style of building that most appeals to you and provides what you need. We then discuss size, local building requirements, color, and delivery. We work up a custom quote for you stating all that is included and the delivered price. Upon your approval, the quote is sent to our engineer and the plans are drawn and stamped for your state. The plans are returned to you to take to your local building department for approval. After approval the building is ordered and fabricated. During this time the concrete work can be completed by you or your local contractor. The building will arrive complete in 3-4 weeks. You the buyer or a hired local contractor completes erection of the building. We supply complete plans and an easy assembly manual. Our buildings bolt and screw together, NO WELDING REQUIRED.


1. Work with an Outback Steel Buildings representative to design a building to suit your needs.

2. The design is sent to engineering for approval.

3. Apply for a permit to build your building.
Permit regulations vary by County and State, start investigating the requirements in your area as soon as you have decided to add a building to your property.

4. Make arrangements to have the building erected.

5. Plans return from engineering with stamp, your representative orders your building.

6. Building is delivered to your site.