China Prefabricated Customized Light Steel Structure Hangar


Steel structure Hangar production site, storage, transportation

The production site of the steel structure is determined at the site, 20m, 5m wide, completely meeting the construction requirements.Steel members shall be supplied in sets according to the installation sequence of steel structures.

When transporting steel members, choose vehicles according to the length and weight of steel members;The fulcrum of the steel member in transportation, the length of both ends and the binding method should ensure that the steel member does not deform or damage the coating.

Steel components storage site should be flat and solid, no water.Steel members shall be stored by type, type and installation order;The bottom cushion of steel member should have sufficient supporting surface and prevent the fulcrum from sinking.When the steel members of the same type are stacked, the fulcrum of each layer of steel members shall be on the same vertical line, and the steel members shall be prevented from being crushed and deformed.

Hoisting of steel members

The quality of steel components should be inspected before lifting.When the deformation and defect of steel members exceed the allowable deviation, they should be treated.The hoisting is carried out by a car crane.The column and steel frame of the steel structure should be corrected and fixed immediately after being installed, and the steel members installed on the same day should form a stable space system.

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