Prefabricated Light HighGrade Steel Structure Customized 4S Car Showroom House


Prefabricated light HighGrade Steel Structure customized 4S car showroom expansion project, the earthquake prevention is 6 degrees, and the foundation bearing capacity is FaK=160KPa. The foundation is artificial hole-dug cast-in-place pile, the upper part is steel structure engineering, the portal steel frame, the steel frame column is welded circular tube steel column, and the steel frame beam is H steel beam: the hinge of column foot, the steel frame column and the steel frame beam join together, and the field welding.Wall engineering mainly includes civil engineering and steel structure and most.

Material: the foundation is C25 hand-dug cast-in-place pile.Column steel column, steel beam using Q345 steel, manual welding Q235 or between Q235 and Q345 using E4301 'E4312 welding rod, q235-b using E43 welding rod, Q345B and q235-b connection using E43 welding rod.

Ordinary bolts are class C.Steel structure surface shall be divided into bottom, middle and top coating.

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